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The Design Process, Step 2 : Design Consultation

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Give yourself a pat on the back! You made the choice to make that discovery phone call and we have a scheduled design consultation. Here, at Southern Sass Interiors & More I want the design process to be fun and engaging for my clients.

Prior to our meeting I email a client questionnaire with roughly 15 questions. The questions are designed to help me gain insight into my client's lifestyle, their likes, and dislikes. I explain to try and provide as much detail as possible. The more detail the better! I never stress about the questionnaire because typically any unanswered questions will be discussed during the consultation.

I prefer meeting my clients at their home or in the space to be designed. Once I have arrived at the home pleasantries are exchanged and a comfortable seat is taken for conversation. I never begin my consultations by first touring the home or space. By having conversation first it allows me to connect with my client and discuss that questionnaire. Meeting in person gives us both an opportunity to gauge how well we "mesh" so to speak. It is important that my client feels listened to and that they are a priority to me.

Now for the fun stuff, right! Time to take a look around the home and point out all the ways to help bring your vision to life. I sometimes will stop to ask about a particular picture or a piece of furniture that sticks out from the others. Why do I do that? It all goes towards helping to know my client better and figuring out what brings them joy. I am a firm believer that when you walk into someone's home it should feel like them and give an immediate impression of who lives there.

Questions have been answered, a tour of the home has taken place, and we sit once again to go over design package offerings and pricing. The next part in the series I delve a little into those packages and how we move forward!

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