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"I am looking for help designing my kitchen and/or bathroom. Is that you?"

Sound familiar? Or maybe you are questioning if you're in the right place?

Short answer...yes! However, allow me to provide a bit more detail as to why you are in the right place for a kitchen and/or bathroom design.

As a trained interior designer, I work closely with your contractor planning the perfect layout, reading blueprints, selecting complimentary materials and finishes. At Southern Sass Interiors & More we work as a team to ensure that every aspect is covered and delivered in a timely manner.

Whether designing a kitchen or bathroom from scratch or renovating an older one; certain codes and standards need to be met. An interior designer that specializes in kitchens and bathrooms is aware of these regulations. For example, a certain number of GFCI outlets are required near wet areas or countertops. And how many gorgeous Pinterest pictures show a stunning chandelier right above a tub? That is a no-no code wise!

Aside from the safety concerns, bringing an interior designer onto your kitchen or bath project guarantees a beautiful outcome. While a client may only see a blank wall or just framing...LOL...chances are a designer has already put the whole space together in their head! My process includes detailed floorplans and suggested layouts, palettes of color and materials; as well as, a 3D rendering if you so choose for your project. Oh yes, we can visually show you the completed project before any demolition even begins!

Remember when thinking design a little SASS should come to mind!

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