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Do You Really Need a Designer?

Updated: Apr 3, 2022


You are struggling to visualize that dream kitchen or bath. Maybe you and your partner have completely different ideas of how you want it to look. Or, you simply do not have the time to dedicate to a renovation or making decisions on a new build. Enter Southern Sass Interiors & More.

Interior Designers specialize in various aspects of the design industry. While I am quite capable of "shopping till I drop"; it became apparent to me that my passion was found in kitchen and bath design, whole home renovations, and new builds. I often joke saying that if there is a wall to move or knock-down and play in the mud...I'm your girl!

But, why do you need a Designer?

Sometimes you meet a couple that has completely different design styles. Their project or renovation has been placed on hold simply because they cannot agree. Interior Designer may be my main job title; yet, sometimes it's a little bit therapist or mediator. LOL! A trained and skilled designer knows how to effectively mesh the two differing styles to create a cohesive space. Bringing balance into a space requires:

1. Listening to key words that my client or clients state

2. Taking notice of what their home is already filled with or will have

3. Considering the architecture of the home itself

What about you can't for the life of you visualize what the space will look like. Y'all know what I am talking about! You've been back and forth to Floor & Decor more times than you care to admit. Material samples are spread all throughout the home and you are beginning to feel overwhelmed. Sound familiar? An Interior Designer can alleviate those feelings of frustration by:

  1. Drafting a 3D design showing final layout and selections

  2. Sticking to the "Rule of 3" which states: no more than 3 selections of each material

  3. Pulling together actual samples in a design board displaying how the pieces play cohesively together

Want to know another big advantage of working with an expert? Access to their network of trusted trades and vendors! I have taken the time for you in building relationships with individuals I know, like, and trust. For example, once my job is complete and you have that beautiful kitchen no doubt you will start considering some new furnishing or decor. That is when I will personally refer you to the UBER talented, Mechelle Thursby, owner/Interior Decorater of LOVE decor. Serving the Tampa Bay area by bringing in the finishing touches to make your house feel like a home.

Here, at Southern Sass Interiors & More we take pride in walking our clients from the beginning all the way to the end. Our portfolio is large ranging from residential renovations to commercial builds. Whether you need a little help or a lot of help our packages are designed with flexibility in mind. Take the time to find out why we are known for

"A Little Bit of Sass. A Whole Lot of Style."

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