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What is a Certified Color Expert?

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

According to Barbara Green of AOL Real Estate, "Almost half of all paint sales are generated from people picking the wrong paint." Think about for a minute how much time and money you will waste in choosing the right paint scheme for your home.

Enter the Certified Color Expert. A professional that has been trained, tested, and certified specifically in color. While your "paint guy" is fantastic at his profession sometimes they even seek the help of a color expert. Words such as, chromaticity, saturation, or triadic color scheme is where I come in!

By using a series of questions and an in-person consultation; I’ll create a palette for the "Color Perfect Home." I work with you to identify what mood you would like your space to exude. How do you use or plan on using the space? I identify and notate where, if any, natural light or does the lack of lighting need to be considered. It's my job to know what undertones a particular shade of paint has and where best to use it. I embrace and work with the colors that speak to you...provide guidance if you will. As an interior designer, I am already trained to see beyond the obvious or what can be. Combine that with my certified color expert training and your home can be everything you've imagined.

Let's bring a bit of Southern Sass to your home!


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